Our Process & Services

Protecting and Conserving Your Wealth

We have developed a defined process that allows us to work directly with each client to create customized strategies and solutions.

Following this disciplined process focuses on our clients’ short-, medium- and long-term objectives and positions them to benefit from our comprehensive approach to consulting and wealth management. Through each step, we discover, strategize and implement the right plan to grow, protect and conserve wealth.

Eight Steps to Success

1. Initial Meeting

An introduction to determine if there is adequate common ground to proceed;

2. Data Gathering

A collection of all pertinent information regarding your current situation, goals/objectives, and to identify potential barriers to success;

3. Discovery Letter

A complete summary and restatement, in a letter format, sent for the purpose of clarifying accuracy of information and understanding of any challenges;

4. Create the Plan

Exclusively created using all the pertinent information collected, we provide recommendations and alternate solutions that are focused on stated goals and objectives;

5. Plan Review

Discuss the plan in detail and agree to a strategy for implementation;

6. Implement the Strategy

Starting with immediate and urgent items with movement towards areas that will support medium- and long-term objectives;

7. Periodic Review and Revision

Because of our dynamic and continually changing environment,it is extremely important to keep the plan current by making revisions when and where necessary.

8. Active Due Diligence

An important aspect of our approach is our commitment to due diligence and our “know who we own” mentality. We have years of experience analyzing investments and our access to global research allows us to conduct complete due diligence behind every investment across our practice. Open communication with management teams and consistent dialogue with active fund managers and industry analysts ensure decisions are always calculated and informed.

Our Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning & Long Term Care
  • Tax Planning & Minimization Strategies
  • Retirement Planning & Execution
  • Trusts & Holding Companies
  • Charitable Giving & Foundations
  • Individual Pension Plans & RCA’s
  • Business Continuation & Succession
  • Wealth Transfer Management
  • Institutional Money Management
  • Alternative Investments
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Annuity Products
  • Bond Laddering Strategies
  • Concentrated Stock Strategies
  • Executive Stock Option Planning
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Stock Trading
  • Access to Leading Portfolio Managers
  • No Fee Self Directed RRSP
  • No Load Mutual Funds
  • Online Account Information with Research Capabilities
  • Educational Seminars
  • Monthly Market Report Newsletter
  • Monthly Client Seminar
  • Market Update Conference Calls
  • Daily Business Report on the Markets
  • Small Business, Banking and Mortgage Services through CIBC